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Our Core Vision and Strategy
Equipping unique Christian leaders to catalytically transform systemic issues through specialized training and mentorship. Our platform enables leaders to connect and thrive on a global scale. MORE
Three Top Priorities for Our Leaders
* Attention to the leader as a person

* A framework for collaborative development
* Access to resources

Our programs are designed to 
support and sustain these three objectives.

Faith and Values
Our Statement of Faith keeps us centred on Christ and our values draw us together to build strategic trust relationships.


Our Story
Find out how this movement began with our founder and President, Mark Orr.


Our Team
We value diversity. Our team comes from a unique selection of occupational backgrounds, countries, and ages. We all are profoundly committed to following Jesus and mirroring His light into the world.
This three-year coaching framework is the core of our movement. Much more than training, it is a system for building  a community of change-agents. Each year we select 10 emerging leaders from around the world.  DETAILS | CURRENT CATALYSTSAPPLICATION FOR NEW CATALYTIC LEADERS

Loneliness and discouragement among leaders and all the snares that come with that cannot be ignored. We desire to be a healing and supporting community through pastoral care, spiritual direction, and accountability.

Assembl(i) - formerly known as iLab

Asking the right questions, getting the right people in the room, and crafting ideas that truly target root causes is what Assembl(i) is designed for.

Assembl(i) brings leaders and resources together around time-bound projects that accelerates change. Projects can be started and owned by Catalytic Leaders, Platform Multipliers, and GIVINGintel Associates.

We believe that the communty of believers is rich with every type of resource needed for us to serve and obey our Lord. But we do have a 'supply chain' problem.  We tackle this by building 6 "Associate" Networks -- made up of normal people like you and your friends who have skills and resources in six areas:

E-Network: equippers, coaches, trainers, curriculum builders, and advisors. 
I-Network: innovators, thinkers, designers, concept developers, analysts, creators.
S-Network: systems, logistics, communication, websites, back-office, legal, transportation, implementors.
M-Network: mobilizers, story-tellers, media, advocates, writers, speakers, inspirational.
F-Network: donors, investors, bankers, financial planners, champions, fund-raisers.
P--Network: donors, investors, bankers, financial planners, champions, fund-raisers.

In the spirit of sharing and 'open-architecture' we encourage the taking, adapting and applying of our model in all regions and contexts where it can be used to the glory of God -- as long as we share the same core values. We are also interested in working with regional leaders to develop L555 strategies in regions and themes.
Contact us for more details.

Our staff and volunteers are the heart of the ministry. Far from employees, they are true owners and partners who sacrifice and dedicate countless hidden hours to the cause of supporting emerging leaders. Take a moment to encourage one of them. 
Partners and Friends
As a platform organization, L555 values the synergy of collaboration -- and where we can, we partner with others who have strengths and contributions that add true value. Our key strategic alliance is with The Great Commission Foundation -- a dedicated group of Christian accountants and lawyers who professionally handle our fund processing, receipting, and government compliance.

LTM (Leadership Training Ministry) has been committed for many years to leadership training of emerging national leaders in developing countries. This year LTM and L555 will merge ministries under the name of L555.

L555 Global Associates is a registered Non-Profit in Canada with a Strategic Advisory Group of industry and sector-based advisors and a legal Board of Directors.
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